Draghixa Laurent

اسماء مستعارة: Drajica Laurent, Drajica Jovanović, Serena Licresti

بلد: France

ولد: 1973-06-03

عين: Brown

شعر: Blonde

ارتفاع: 173 cm

وزن: 60 kg

الثدي: Natural

المشاهدات: 4K

Draghixa Laurent أشرطة فيديو

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Draghixa arrived in Paris with her family at the age of 2. She studied to be a hairdresser but in 1994 she went to the U.S. to enter the porn industry, and started her career in 1993. She received the Hot d'Or prize in 1995 for her appearance in Le Parfum de Mathilde. Draghixa speaks very little English. Nowadays she no longer is in the porn industry.

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