Larkin Love

اسماء مستعارة: Scarlett

بلد: United States

ولد: 1985-10-31

عين: Brown

شعر: Brown

ارتفاع: 166 cm

وزن: 58 kg

الثدي: Fake

المشاهدات: 2.4K

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Larkin Love ain’t your typical sweetie pie busty porn babe. She’s a sensual exotic milf whose seamless roleplay skills will seduce your mind and make you question everything you know about good-boy morality. This minx got her start as a burlesque dancer, which means she appreciates the showmanship of a banging performance. It’s as if taking a boner and squeezing it between her massive jugs isn’t just about feeling good, but satisfying some deep artistic drive in her. With that said, when those ball sacks begin to brew and get ready to unleash a splattering of crystal jizz on her rack, it’s like throwing paint on a canvas, Jackson Pollack style.

Larkin is a bombshell brunette who rocks fetish clothes like no other: cinched corsets, skin-tight shiny latex, silky nylon, and anything else that hugs her sumptuous tits, tiny waist, and round ass. She’s a supreme example of the deviant milf who knows exactly what she wants. When her dominant side comes out to play, she can whip you into shape and scare the cum right out of you. She’s always ready to lead men down the path of perversion with curious kinks from taboo roleplay to hardcore strap-on pegging.

No matter how big the dick, and regardless of how many cocks there are creeping up to poke her, she’s a true charmer of the trouser snake with the powers to tame even the most dangerous pythons. In the wild world of Femdom, Larkin is a queen bitch of a role model, helping young sluts everywhere discover the dark powers of the pussy.

- AVN nomination 2015 Best Oral Sex Scene
- AVN nomination 2014 Best Oral Sex Scene
- AVN nomination 2014 Best Group Scene

Cover and layout:
- Hustler's Taboo, September/October 2014

Centerfold and layout:
- Leg Sex Magazine, vol 17, Spring 2013

- Hustler's Taboo, December 2012
- Hustler's Taboo, January 2012

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