Deborah Prat

Skróty: Deborah Pratt, Mariana Nardini, Debora Prat

Kraj: Argentina

Urodzić się: 1984-06-10

Oko: Brown

Włosy: Blonde

Wzrost: 162 cm

Waga: 52 kg

Cycki: Fake

Widoki: 1.5K

Deborah Prat Filmy

1 Filmy
Years active: 2005 - 2012.
Born Mariana Nardini, she became a few years in one of the most important porn actress in Argentina, who participated in several "XXX" films in Argentina and in the United States starring high voltage scenes with partenaires of both sexes interchangeably. She was an icon of porno label "Argentina Triple X", where rose to fame under direction of Marco Torino in the movie "Initiations". She also filmed under orders from other directors like Victor Maytland pioneer in the Argentine porno industry.

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